The Plan

The Pioneer LAB

To download the latest version of the detailed Roadmap – please click here

The Pioneer LAB is a programme hosted by the Collaborative running from April 2012 until the end of June 2012. It is an opportunity for individuals, services and whole agencies to experiment and test how things could be different in order to continue to build our understanding of what needs to change and how.

The LAB is part of our strategic development process in order to drive forward radical innovation within the mental health system, whilst supporting the culture change needed to change how we work at scale.

The Pioneer LAB uses a model processes developed from the NHS PDSA process and the Safe Fail concept supported by the Kings Health Partners. The process follows 4 simple stages.

We are running a series of prototypes at varying scales in the next fews months and we invite people to participate in these, or to commit to their own. Please see the Challenges section for information on people’s personal prototypes and click here to download a  Pioneer LAB KIT

Click on the Roadmap image for a bigger version.

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