We are a group of service users, carers, GPs, public service commissioners and providers from the public and third sector. We are dedicated to working together to tackle the big challenges we all face and to radically improve wellbeing by enabling people to better recover, choose and participate.

Who we are


David Monk
David Monk is from Symmetrics Partnership and is the Chair of the monthly Collaborative meetings.

Karen Hooper
Karen is a carer representative. Karen writes the great stories you read on the Recovery Stories page and works closely with Certitude around Solidarity in Crisis – Out of Hours Peer Support.



Dr Adrian McLachlan
Adrian is a GP partner at Hetherington Group Practice and is Chair of NHS Lambeth Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).


Dr Ray Walsh 
Ray is a retired GP who worked and lives in Lambeth.


Dr Richard Williams
Previous general practitioner and part of NHS Lambeth CCG Clinical Network. You can contact Ricahrd if to talk about health inequalities and mental wellbeing issues. Richard is also a member of South West locality Timebank Board.

Denis O’Rourke
Denis is the Assistant Director, Integrated Commissioning in Mental Health for NHS Lambeth CCG. You can contact Denis if you want to talk specifically about strategic aims of The Collaborative and the Collaborative Commissioning framework.

contact details: denisorourke@nhs.net

Susan Field
Sue is the Programme Director for the Provider Alliance Group (PAG). You can contact Sue to talk about the Provider Alliance Group and the development of the Living Well Network.

contact details:  S.Field2@nhs.net

Joiss Soumahoro
Joiss is the Primary Care Mental Health Implementation Manager for NHS Lambeth CCG. You can contact Joiss if you want to talk about Primary Care from a Commissioning perspective.

contact details: J.Soumahoro@nhs.net

Natalie Sutherland
Natalie is the Mental Health Integrated Programme (MHIP) /Co-production Manager and works as part of the Mental Health Commissioning Team for NHS Lambeth CCG. You can contact Natalie about general queries, questions or signposting around The Collaborative and specifically around Communications (upcoming events, items for the website etc).

contact details: Natalie.Sutherland2@nhs.net or phone 020 3049 4268.



Sarah Corlett
Sarah is a Consultant in Public Health at Lambeth and Southwark Council. Sarah works specifically on Mental Health and Wellbeing. You can contact Sarah if you would like to know more about measuring outcomes and equalities.

contact details: sarah.corlett@southwark.gov.uk


Zoe Reed
Zoe is the Executive Director for Strategy and Business Development at SLaM. You can contact Zoe if you would like a strategic overview of the Collaborative, the secondary care offer from SLaM and timebanking.

contact details: zoe.reed@slam.nhs.uk

Patrick Nyikavaranda
Patrick is the Peer involvement co-ordinator for Solidarity in a Crisis, which is an out of hours peer support service run by Certitude. You can contact him if you want more information.

contact details: PNyika@certitude.org.uk

Dr Rosalind Ramsay
Rosalind is a Consultant Psychiatrist and Associate Clinical Director Psychosis Clinical Academic Group for Recovery Care Pathway and Lambeth. You can contact Rosalind if you would like more information on the primary secondary care interface, clinical meetings, or the secondary care offer from SLaM.

contact details: Rosalind.Ramsay@slam.nhs.uk

Lucy Canning
Lucy is the Service Director for Pychosis Clinical Academic Group (CAG) at SLaM. You can contact Lucy if you want more information about the strategic overview of the Collaborative and the secondary care offer from SLaM.

contact details: lucy.canning@slam.nhs.uk

Nicholas Campbell-Watts
Nicholas is the Director of Mental Health at Certitude. Certitude is made up of Fanon and Southside Partnership. You can contact Nicholas if you are in the Voluntary Sector and want to get involved in the Collaborative or Timebanking.

contact details: NCampbell-Watts@certitude.org.uk or phone 020 8772 6171.

Ronnie Wilson
Ronnie is the Chief Executive at First Step Trust (FST). You can contact Ronnie if you are in the Voluntary Sector and want to get involved in the Collaborative, employment opportunities, Peer Support.

contact details: ronnie.wilson@firststeptrust.org.uk


Bill Tidnam

Bill is Director of Housing and Community Support at Thamesreach. You can contact Bill if you are in the Voluntary Sector and would like to get more involved.

contact details: bill.tidnam@thamesreach.org.uk

Maresa Ness

Maresa is the Chief Executive of Mosaic Clubhouse. You can contact Maresa if you would like information about the Living Well Partnership or if you are in the Voluntary Sector and would like to get more involved.

Contact details: m.ness@mosaic-clubhouse.org