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minister visit

27/03/2015 | karenhooper

Innovative link to job prospects

online taster

27/03/2015 | karenhooper

Opportunities at Blackfriars Settlement

Renewing the juices

27/03/2015 | karenhooper

Leading and scaling the Living Well Network


13/03/2015 | lena

Come and have a say on a system that affects you

Is Mental Health still Taboo

02/03/2015 | karenhooper

Faith groups encouraged to March 4 event

Lambeth Peer Support 2

27/02/2015 | karenhooper

Peer support in Lambeth… here’s looking at you

Hub birthday

13/02/2015 | lena

The Living Well Network Hub is moving


05/02/2015 | karenhooper

Faiths Together in Lambeth celebrates with breakfast

BealeHouse 2

27/01/2015 | lena

Don’t miss out on opportunities this week


26/01/2015 | lena

Mental Health Heroes

Wellbeing pack

23/01/2015 | karenhooper

A pack of cards to deal with your life

LWN event Jan

23/01/2015 | lena

29th January, 11:00 to 12:30pm Click here for more information 


20/01/2015 | lena

Lambeth Peer Support Network event

3rd sector award

02/01/2015 | karenhooper

Mosaic illustrates creative and innovative ways to excellence

Happy New Year

02/01/2015 | karenhooper

Collaboration – forward in 2015


24/12/2014 | karenhooper

Crisis phone line crosses borders

Video snapshot

17/12/2014 | karenhooper

Secondary and primary care are working closer together to support people’s recovery


15/12/2014 | karenhooper

Thames Reach partnership is delivering an innovative IT peer support project

Family Matter

11/12/2014 | lena

DVD explores those who travel to conflict zone

the hidden gems image cover

09/12/2014 | lena

Exhibition reveals rich Trust talent

world aids day 1st

01/12/2014 | karenhooper

Show your support, get tested for HIV and wear the red ribbon

crisis poster

27/11/2014 | lena

Collaborative design sessions tackle crisis

final version

25/11/2014 | lena

Take a bus ride with First Step Trust

blank size

20/11/2014 | lena

The new front door for mental health services gets a polish to mark its first year


20/11/2014 | lena

Faith leaders play a crucial role in the wellbeing of their communities

Hospital Discharge

20/11/2014 | lena

carer's allowence

07/11/2014 | lena

Callout for surgeries to help promote awareness of the needs of unpaid carers and to make carers aware of their rights.

collab event

22/10/2014 | lena

The latest Lambeth Collaborative event reminds us that we all have something to bring to building a community


07/10/2014 | lena

New network has given people resilience to change their lives


07/10/2014 | lena

Lambeth brings thought-provoking and lively events

collaborative breakfast News story..

25/09/2014 | lena

Collaborative confirms that community food growing project is supporting people’s Wellbeing


22/09/2014 | lena

A dynamic group of artists explore “Living with Schizophrenia”

FST driving ambition

12/09/2014 | lena

An exciting new initiative at First Step Trust run by SMaRT garage services


21/08/2014 | lena

Commission makes 40 recommendations on black health and wellbeing


05/08/2014 | karenhooper

The Living Well Network’s first open event is a successful day out for services and those who use them

lsm Collage

04/08/2014 | karenhooper

Lambeth & Southwark Mind and the Living Well Network demonstrate positive partnership working at the Lambeth Country Show

LWH logo

01/08/2014 | Sophie Walker

A brief overview of the first six months


23/06/2014 | karenhooper

June means Carers Week celebrations and a chance for mental health staff to reflect on an unpaid workforce


07/06/2014 | karenhooper

Such is its success, Solidarity in a Crisis has expanded its service

Event image

13/05/2014 | Sophie Walker

Read about what happened at the Collaborative event, who was there, the challenges people were asked to think about and the solutions they came up with.

Website featured images 1

20/03/2014 | Sophie Walker

The presentation slides from The Collaborative Fast Forward event

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 15.18.19

20/03/2014 | Sophie Walker

The Hub is the new front door to mental health support

Report cover

26/02/2014 | Sophie Walker

A powerful new report describes how people moved on from services and got their lives back on track

Save the date

12/02/2014 | Sophie Walker

Save the date for our Collaborative event. Come along to get an update on the progress of The Collaborative and to join us on the next stages of its design and development.

aspirations image

01/01/2014 | Sophie Walker

Members of Lambeth Collaborative’s Provider Alliance Group sum up their vision for the year ahead.

LWH logo

20/12/2013 | Sue-Field

The Living Well Network is here

Featured Image Placeholder

12/11/2013 | karenhooper

Lambeth Peer Support Framework


11/11/2013 | Sophie Walker

The Collaborative is co-designing a new commissioning model to enable the delivery of co-productive services.


17/10/2013 | David Singer

Raising mental health awareness in Brixton

26/09/2012 | natalie

Another successful co-production event: Stepping Up and Stepping out to meet our challenge on 12th September 2012 at The KIA Oval.

PHB evaluation front page

19/09/2012 | natalie

Lambeth has been successful in the bid for PHB: going further, faster programme. For more information about PHB please download the Lambeth successful Lambeth Personal Health Budget Pilot: interim findings and update


14/08/2012 | natalie

A chance to come and explore, design and test with the Collaborative in order to help us to continue our work to grow a Living Well Network and move away from a system that is focused on dealing with crisis, to one that intervenes earlier, helps people really recover and enables people to live their lives in their communities.


16/05/2012 | natalie

Lambeth Collaborative Pioneer Lab event Tuesday 19th June from 1-5pm.
RSVP to:


30/04/2012 | natalie

Lambeth Collaborative Borough Wide Co-production Event

Date: Tuesday 19th June
Time: 12.30 – 5pm
Venue: Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre (108 Stamford Street London SE1 9NH)


21/03/2012 | admin

Co-production: an emerging evidence base for adult social care transformation

solidarity picture

14/03/2012 | admin

Solidarity in a Crisis is an out-of-hours crisis service in Lambeth, co-designed and co-delivered by service users and carers. The project will be going live on the 1st April 2012.


14/03/2012 | admin

A study was conducted in July/August 2010 that looked at the process and outcomes of care for patients with severe mental illess at a general practice in Lambeth.


14/03/2012 | admin

Missing Link will give those about to be discharged from a number of wards at Lambeth Hospital the opportunity to meet with a peer supporter in the community for up to two hours a week over 12 weeks.