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Recovery Stories

09/07/2015 | natalie

The Living Well Partnership celebrates its first birthday as hosts Mosaic are shortlisted for two charity awards.


09/07/2015 | natalie

Beverley Randall, Programme Manager says it’s the Mosaic ethos that helped to grow in-reach work at Lambeth hospital.


09/07/2015 | natalie

Paul is impressed by the support he received to help him get back into employment


09/07/2015 | natalie

Exciting educational links are being made at the Living Well Partnership site

Lisa Shokir

03/12/2013 | karenhooper

A new report and toolkit have been shaped by the work of two local lived experience advisors

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12/11/2013 | karenhooper

How peer support is changing lives in Lambeth

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12/11/2013 | karenhooper

It’s not just those who use services who appreciate peer support, carers also need someone to talk to

Mosaic clubhouse 9

12/11/2013 | karenhooper

At Mosaic Clubhouse members and staff walk side by side

Yes In Action Flyer Back (1)

12/11/2013 | karenhooper

The peer support path – an amazing journey from addiction to recovery

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12/11/2013 | karenhooper

An evaluation of peer projects has produced compelling evidence for shaping the future

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12/11/2013 | karenhooper

Peer supporter Carl shares his insight on why Missing Link is fit for purpose

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12/11/2013 | karenhooper

Michael and Sam reflect on an inspiring journey together

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12/11/2013 | karenhooper

Lucas Teague explains what it takes to be Co-ordinator of a successful peer support service

Yes Elissee and manager 9989

12/11/2013 | karenhooper

Sharing your skills and socialising


29/10/2013 | natalie

This video is just a small snippet of Airdrina Drake’s story, but a snippet that she and we feel is pretty important.


11/10/2013 | karenhooper

“I want to feel better and to help people who are recovering because I have those feelings of mental health to support others,” says VB, a woman who is strong of spirit and resilient to the core.


11/10/2013 | karenhooper

“The anxiety curve is something I have only recently understood and painting or drawing is probably the best thing to do when it is running its course.”


11/10/2013 | karenhooper

“When you do time, you can’t get it back… it made me learn not to come back,” says 24-year-old Aaron who had to learn the hard way when his drug-related lifestyle landed him in prison and having to deal with mental health issues.


11/02/2013 | natalie

Forty-year-old Ricardo feels that his life has taken a change for the better since he moved into his new home in Herne Hill.


04/02/2013 | natalie

Volunteering and connecting can be a positive force in recovery as Peter Duncan is discovering.

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12/09/2012 | natalie

“Everyone has at occasional times bursts of sanity.” A wry comment from Val who has suffered from depression for years but knows that the ways out might start with Timebank or your GP…

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19/04/2012 | natalie

Audrine talks about doing a Voluntary Training Course that led to a volunteering into employment contract

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27/03/2012 | natalie

Oliver works as a Community Support Guide at Lambeth Community Options Team. Oliver reflects on his experience of focusing on clients recovery.


26/03/2012 | admin

Seamus has been getting some help through a Personal Health Budget


26/03/2012 | admin

Mary’s experience of Personal Health Budgets

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14/03/2012 | admin

John has been working with the Community Options Team at Thames Reach and things are on the up!